尹静雯 本科 西语翻译,西
张棨迪 本科 其他类,
赵晨佳 硕士 西语翻译,最
徐佳宁 本科 西语翻译,西
张梁峻熙 硕士 文职类,
秦亚玲 硕士 其他类,和西
林嘉莉 本科 西语翻译,
谭雪吟 本科 市场营销/公
王敏 本科 西语翻译,西
王铨壕 本科 行政/人事/
王淑琬 硕士 西语翻译,西
缪国强 本科 市场营销/公
周莹婕 硕士 西语翻译,笔
孙浩馨 大专 西语翻译,西
周晓军 本科 西语翻译,西
李林瑞 本科 西语翻译,外
周习 大专 西语翻译,工
陈宠 本科 其他类,均可
刁俊峰 本科 其他类,西班
刘春燕 硕士 西语翻译,西
刘依静 本科 法律/法务类
林宁 大专 西语翻译,西
胡香帅啊 本科 市场营销/公
张敏 硕士 西语翻译,西
李睿 硕士 西语翻译,贸
李玥 本科 经营管理类,
刘懿瑶 本科 西语翻译,新
赵健名 本科 西语教学,西
周玲 本科 西语编辑,编
唐娜 硕士 西语翻译,西

谭慧妍 个人简历详细信息

  年龄: 36 性别:
 西语自评: 高级口译笔译 民族:
  学历: 大专 毕业学校: Instituto Universitario De Tecnología Industrial
  所学专业: 销售管理 婚姻状况: 已婚
  工作经验: 在校学生    
Bluelans (Shenzhen), Oct 2016 to Present •Maintain Amazon account daily products updates and sales follow up • Reply customers enquiries and complaints • Translate products information into different languages (from English to Spanish, from Chinese to Spanish, and vice versa) Manulife (International) Ltd, May 2014 to Dec 2015 •Clarify doubts related to insurance for the client •Tailor made financial planning for potential client •Provide insurance services Independent Consultant, February 2008 to Dec 2015 • Work as an independent translator with various trade organizations, consulates, and other private organizations for Spanish-speaking customers in HK and in China • Assist Chinese-based or HK-based companies in expanding businesses/markets into Spanish-speaking countries • Accompany Spanish-speaking clients to China for factory visits and other events (i.e. exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.) • Translate documents into different languages (from English to Spanish, from Chinese to Spanish, and vice versa) • Organize events (i.e. cocktail parties, trade booth setup, etc.) per customers’ budgets and targets • Provide secretarial duties (preparation of presentations, preparation of correspondences, etc.) for visiting Spanish-speaking customers Account Executive, Atico International (HK) Limited, May 2007 to January 2008 • Atico was an I/E and sourcing company • Coordinated among clients and internal departments on various quotations and enquiries from customers • Prepared the showroom and attended the presentation / meeting with the client for the Spanish- English-Chinese interpretation and related follow up • Responsible for the update of the client’s information Marketing Trainee, Gracedon Knitters Limited, October 2005 to May 2007 • Worked with fashion clients from Spain to address their technical requirements on samples or bulk productions • Followed up on orders with clients and suppliers • Frequently traveled to PRC factories for inspections and resolve technical issues • Translated Spanish-Chinese-English documents for CEO • Translated email and other documents Secretary, Exito Plastico C.A., Venezuela, June 2002 to September 2005 • Followed up on payments and orders with respective clients • Took a lead role in Spanish-Chinese documents for management • Contacted and followed up on order payments with suppliers • Assessed and investigated the market needs
  要求月薪: 10000 工作性质: 全职
  求职意向: 其他类,Interpreter, Sales and others
Near native in English speaking, writing and reading skills

密   码:
类型: 企业 个人